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센튬코어기술로 피부에 닿는 부분은 최상의
면으로 되어 촉감을 높이고,
면의 단점인 내구성을
높여 제품의 사용 수명을 늘려줍니다.
​호텔의 운영원가 절감의 핵심 기술입니다.

A - Centium Core Microfilament Polyester

B - 100% Luxurious Cotton



It’s What’s Inside That Counts

Here’s a not-so-secret: We don’t want you to buy more of our products. At least, not in the way so many other brands today do. We believe in the opposite of planned obsolescence, weaving innovation into everything we do so your linens last longer. We understand combining durability with our legendary performance luxury means fewer replacement orders, but it also means decreased energy, distribution and landfill usage. Because we believe in making things better, from the inside out. Whether it’s the materials we select, the techniques we use or the exceptional linens we craft, we’re always looking forward.

At Our C.O.R.E.

Did you know Standard Textile is the only U.S. company with a specialized focus on creating high-performance linens? Originally created for our hospitality partners, our home collections share the ingenuity of our C.O.R.E. (Concept. Operations. Results. Execution.) craftspeople, whose sole purpose is to create new concepts and explore new technologies. What does that have to do with luxury? Well, everything. For example, innovations such as Centium Core Technology keep towels extraordinarily soft and ensure our finest cotton threads are where they matter most — closest to your skin. It’s so different from anything else out there, we didn’t just give ourselves a pat on the back, we got a patent. 

Centium Core: A New Standard of Excellence

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